Our story

We are a small family business, based in a coastal village in Moray, North East Scotland, our designs and colours are inspired by this stunning area which never fail to rejuvenate, revive and inspire…

Our collection of handcrafted ladies pure silk clothing has been designed to compliment our range of handmade gemstone silver jewellery (Poppy Jewellery).  Think beautiful handcrafted unique silk dresses, jackets, cardigans and scarves in rich jewel, coastal inspired colours of indigo, cobalt blue, jade, lapis, turquoise, thistle….

We use natural fabrics and artisan techniques, all produced in an ethical and sustainable fashion.


Our exclusively designed silk dresses are made from 100% pure Bengal silk, a beautiful, lightweight handloom silk produced for us by an artisan community in the village of Islampur, Bengal.

The silk is woven using handlooms by highly skilled weavers.

Then the silk is cut to our design and our dresses are produced for us by a textile and stitching social enterprise.

Our silk designs are made from recycled silk saris, which are carefully selected for quality and design and are finished with handstitching.

Ethical Policy

Poppy Silk is committed to designing, sourcing and manufacturing our clothing range that helps people, communities & the environment:


  1. Where possible make choices that are as enviromentally friendly as possible ie the use of unbleached handloom fabric, recycled silks saris, biodegrable mailing packaging.
  2. Support the development and use of handloom fabrics and handcrafted stitch work by communities and artisans.
  3. Our clothing range is produced for us by a social enterprise in Pushkar India; a business dedicated to producing quality work, whilst contributing fairly to the livelihood of the producers.
  4. Ensure we pay our suppliers good prices that reflect the high quality of their work.
  5. No child labour.


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Thank you to the following for their wonderful services: Photography: Gary Murison Photography /Model: Gabriela Balcerzak